Saturday, June 21, 2008

Voinjama trip to see land for AOH farming

Wow what a wonderful and exciting trip to Lofa county and a farm area about two hours from Voinjama. We traveled almost ten hours to get to Voinjama then trekked off the next a.m. for the farm. Came back to Monrovia the following morning - the whole family made it fine over the rough and tumble roads, and I was able to gain some off road racing experience. Yeah!!

Just starting our trek up country - to the hills

Roadside villages

At about hour 5 starts bumpy dirt roads

My wonderful co pilot in life

Passing a town in the jungle - almost there

An old favorite past time - target practice

Hustle and bustle - jungle style

We made it to the hotel and the neighbors were there to check us out.

A little hotel expansion underway.

Power to the hotel was being fixed when we arrived. We used candles till about 9pm

Playtime with a puppy

Hard at work.

The hotel kitchen right off the entrance.

Tuckered out from the ride - time to sleep. The boys and I shared this bed and room.

Next day trek to the farmland.

Further in.

Still further in.

Opening onto the savanna - I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

This savanna was beautiful crop lands before the war. The folly destroyed EVERYTHING that was usable.

We made it to the coffee farm area.

Safari Pete

They are brushing (clearing) for the future farming here.

Coffee area video

Going into the local village for a bite to eat.

Break time for some lunch - chicken and sauce over rice. Pepper soup for the brave.

A village man re-thatching his roof

Going for a jungle walk to the falls.

The trees were breathtakingly tall

Peter walking under a fallen tree

Deep in the jungle was this waterfall area some of the boys swam in.

Hiking out of the jungle before it is too dark.

It was a beautiful and fun visit to Voinjama

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