Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Children enjoying themsleves in Liberia (anywhere)

Heeeeey there plum lovers - Get ready to dig in.

Children holding their own Sabbath service with music and bible reading. - Nice.

David with Ruth at the cooktop on the Fridge.

Queen and princess preparing to serve up breakfast

Noah suffering joyfully with all the skin ailments

Ela in green

Boys will be boys

The gals laughing it up - That's Lucky Girl on right
David teaching Laadan some chords
My little girl Desiree
Saying goodbye to a new family
Visiting the orphans with new families

Noah taking a nap under the mosquito net
Boys waiting for a reading lesson with Papi
I dunno what it is do you know what it is ? I dunno.
Running to hear who is at the gate
Oh the wonderful imaginations of our blessings from God.

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From Five to Eight said...

Hi guys! Had a chance to visit your blog today. Love seeing the pictures and hearing about new projects. Think of your family often. We had such a fun time with you all at the guest house!
Teresa Cechota