Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gbarng (bong) County farmland amd natural beauty

Amazing creation of God - His glory is everyday evident in his workmanship here. Below are some pictures of the farm areas of Gbarng County. We have a friend in Francis Dunbar and he was so hospitable in showing us the land he grew up on and the unfortunate destruction due to anarchy and war. Enjoy the pix.

The cotton tree is so wonderful in its various shapes and sizes
Hills and savanna are abundant in Liberia.

These people were so amazed at their picture after I shared it with them - they jumped and were in awe like it was a miracle to them. Notice the traditional baby on back.

At the local village by Francis' land and old acquaintances.
This is an old farm house that is dilapidated - one of more than three I saw. The others were mere foundations and some walls.

Gregory (aka Buster) on top of the world.
It was nice to visit a beautiful falls area just about forty minuts away from the farm. What a ride there - and a very exciting return ride - it started pouring rain while on the back hilly dirt roads. Slip sliding away has a very different meaning now. Buster handled it all in stride.

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Ellen Korto Dunbar said...

You have brought back found memories of my grandfather's farm. Francis Dunbar is my uncle. (I don't think he told you that he's named for Francis Burns, his father's great-grandfather and the first African American Methodist Bishop)

Dunbar Farm is rich with history, almost as rich as the life of George Dunbar III, my grandfather. The cotton tree has many stories, each of my grandfather's 94 children with their own version. Thanks so much for sharing, I'd love for you to keep me posted. I would also like to find out more about your charity work in Liberia.