Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Around our house

The blue house at the end of the street with the red gates

Some memoirs of the visit here by Presidents Bush

Ooop - There he is.

Bennetta, Ruth, Oretha and Desiree at the cookpot on charcol oven and prep table

This is the view of the neighbors roof and beyond that the roofless home.

This is a very nice market building that Pres. Sirleaf helped to complete in an initiative of creating market places. Now we need a sidewalk and a finished lot in front.

This is a look off of most every street in Monrovia.

Amputee Soccer (Footballers)

In front of the building early morning school walks

The shack at left is a common sight here - the sign says "Food Ready" which means this is a fast food or cookshop shack.

This is a fellowship bldg right across the half a street from our compund

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