Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So what kind of work have you been doing Dave

Really, we have been so blessed to be here by the care and hospitality of Acres of Hope - Liberia. We are awaiting for the opportuinty to continue servng while raising money for our famliy and for the orphans and other projects AOH is doing. We have been blessed to be able to serve temporarily as guest house host family while seeking land for farming and agriculture purposes. We have been busy at work on prepping and maintaining a home for self and guests as well as the ongoing search for ag land optys, not to mention the outreach to all people here as we strive to emulate Christ Jesus for God's glory.

We have been so grateful to have the opportunity to stay in the comfort of this housing provided by friends of AOH. Because of that blessing, we have tried our best to improve, at no cost to the now traveling family, their home used for missionary living and working. We pray they are happy with these blessings.

I have been put in charge of the house and operations by AOH totally but I want to give thanks to my wonderful wife and famliy for all their help as well as a great assistant of the house, Jackson, for his diligent service. Also some other notables need mentioning in the work of the improvements, namely Laadan, Robert (Jacksons son) and Solomon.

Rooms in process (painting, wire to light and switch terminations, mosquito net anchoring and hanging)

Family living area wiring and painting

Pulling out old and wasted cabinets

After the damage is done - time to clean clean clean

Looking better, much better

Time to prep for painting.

painting underway

The sole survivor

and the mighty conqueror - Jackson

Wow!!! Mentos FRESH

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