Monday, June 16, 2008

Some skin issues

Apparently in high humidity there are far better chances of wounds healing at much slower than normal rates. This in addition to an open wound and the many different germs in the air and on soil due to the lack of sanitation in the city make for a very good breeding grounds for infection. I have been seeing this in many members of the family and have now myself become a victim of what I thought could not happen to me. Below are a few pictures of some of the trials of lower than fourth world conditions. We are sure and strong in the blessings and love of our Father God. We add this post just as an indication of some of the things afflicting the land of Liberia.

My baby Dominique is healing from an abrasion that will not dry into a scab. As mentioned above it is dangerous to let it go without constant observance. She has finally started some scabbing and at last report coming on fine.

This picture of my foot shows a smaller mosquito bite that went into a little infection and an amazingly large infection that resulted from a very very small nick I didn't even know I had until a few days later when it started to be a bit painful. The small nick WAS the size of one of the hair stubble growing around the larger wound.

This was an abrasion that is now in its sixth week of trying to heal. It is close to being done God-willing.

Sorry for the somewhat graphic pictures.

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Joy Hancock said...

I lived up in Ganta, Nimba County for a year (just got home in May) and while it was considerably less humid there...I found that diaper ointment containing zinc oxide was the best. It actually has HEALING qualities whereby antibacterial creams just dry out the skin and make it hard to heal. Works great on heat rash too. I preferred Desitin original--simply b/c it didn't easily wipe off. Best Wishes!