Friday, November 30, 2007

Preparing to get out of country. - November thru Dec 2, 2007

Thank you to the many individuals that assisted us on our preparation for our move to Liberia. Below are some pictures of some of the moving and farewell gatherings. We will miss all of you and cherish the many memories of our times in the USA.

We hope you enjoy the short snap shot show of some memories.

Packing - packing - & more packing

Prepping for the trip to Liberia W. Africa - including the dogs -
but first ,a visit to the in-laws in Europe (Brrrrrrr).

Prepping to load the containers - get your garages ready.

Container #1 ready to be loaded

Douglas was an incredible blessing - Thank you Doug.

Special thanks to Douglas Whiddon of Whiddon Masonry in Dripping Springs TX for the use and help with his Load-All fork lift equip.

A true God-sent angel was his assistant Patrick Dougherty who assisted with the loading of heavy equipment into both containers. He and I worked well into two nights worth of loading and tying down items in the containers. Thanks.

Patrick Dougherty assisting

My friends Patrick and Shelby, thank you for being there and Shelby, thank you for all the help in so many ways (loading, land, truck & trailer lending, meals etc, etc ). We will continue to pray for you all.



Let the loading begin. Bring it on!!!!!!

I think this load is topped off.

One down - one to go.