Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008

Hello everyone - I am trying my best to keep this blog up and running .............. not having electricity all the time Really slows things down. Plus I am just not good at this! I got the pictures downloaded but they are all in the wrong and drag just doesn't work right now. I am adding a little caption to each pic (not in chronological order) ....I hope you enjoy.

Peter and Noah fighting against the Knight of Water

Me loading the dryer (aka a clothesline) while our mechanical engineer (aka Dave) is working on our well pump (in the fore ground)

Our kids with some of their new friends from next door. There are about 24 people living next door in shacks and the little ones love to come over and play in our yard. I love these kids...they always ask me for water because I have 'sweet water' .....I have a Berkey filter that removes all impurities so the water does taste sweet. I think that's how God intended our water, sweet and unpolluted.

My son David getting a haircut. Here it is done with a comb and a razor blade. Amazing

Desiree and Mamie (that's my Liberian name) getting ready to serve breakfast to our guests.

Some of the our great men serving Acres of Hope and Liberia.

A praying mantis hanging out on one of my laundry tubs.

It was quite the day when President Bush visited Liberia. Police and UN soldiers everywhere. And by orders of the Liberian President no one was allowed to drive anywhere that day. Just would be told you couldn't drive anywhere today because the president is coming for a visit. Really just think this through, people were not able to go to work that day because the taxis were not allowed to drive. And you weren't allowed to just walk 'around' either. But guess what....the Liberians were honored that President Bush paid a visit.
The Felandos had a great day too. We live right next door to the UN airport and yes that's exactly were our president's helicopter landed. So we were out on the street early that morning, wearing our Texas State T-shirts and Cowboy hats and waving our US/Liberian Lone star flags. It was great. David got a great look of the Pres smiling and waving at him. (I admit after waiting two hours I went back up on our balcony and had a cup of coffee, so I just got to see his limo whiz by)

Ela and Patty from AOH waiting for the Pres

This is a view from our balcony. You can see some of the UN soldiers with their blue berets and the Liberian Police in their riot gear........Hey the Pres is coming.

The kiddos having fun with Elo leaves.......huge leaves and a fantastic tasting root we eat for lunch. yumm-o

This picture is my favorite........a brand new family on the way to the airport.......taking home their two beautiful girls to the US to meet their brothers. This lovely brother and sister in Christ were our first guest and had to deal with a lot of imperfections of the guest water, no electricity, no whatever. They were an inspiration to me because even though everything that could go wrong did go wrong while they were with us they had joy in the Lord and it showed. Thank you!

And Julie if you read this ....ditto .....

Thank you all for looking at this wacky blog. Please know we are doing great and feel truly blessed by meeting all the remarkable parents that are visiting with us. You are all an inspiration.......I keep explaining to my Liberian friends what adoption is all about. And let me tell you the Liberians are amazed at your big hearts and they are filled with joy that you take 'the least of these' and consider them worthy to call them your son or daughter.

Thank you all and may the Peace of our Lord be with you and yours always!