Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful farm areas right outside of Monrovia

We have had many a blessed opportunity to visit farm areas of interest for setting up agricultural projects for the benefit of the children being cared for by AOH.
Right outside of town 10 - 20 minutes away are some of the most beautiful vistas of fertile ground. Below are some pictures of the area and its wonder. Enjoy

The land is so rich, it's a shame the people don't have the gusto to pick up farming again full force. There are so many reasons we've heard for not farming, from fear to laziness to inconvenience and the rest - but in the end Liberia could feed most if not all of Africa- if it wanted to.

Some of the rubber trees off the highway

Some curious children out to welcome the visitors.

Getting ready to put the mud on the stick house.

Taking a walk to look at the water source for the dry season irrigation needs.

Here is the river that is drawn from for irrigation - nice ingenious walking bridge.

Prepping plantings uner the shelter of a greenhouse canopy.

The fire hose pumps up the water from the river.

More village children enjoying their day.

man at work making rows.

Talk about Ol' MacDonald - Look closely at all the babys in this pitcure -

kittens, ducklings, puppies, toddlers - what fun.

Our vehicle of choice for potential rough roads and danger - the Landrover Defender.

Hauling water for daily life.

Saying goodbye for the day.

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