Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wonderful day to all

What a wonderful day we had today. We were able to put some of the talents that God Almighty has blessed us with into practice and strengthen our skill of loving others. Enjoy the pictures…..

Making Friends – Actually Claudia is trying to learn how to cook Liberian. Grace (the nanny in charge of the special care orphanage) is teaching her every morning. She took Claudia to the market and is introducing her to the local fare. Fish, beef, chicken feet, hot peppers, palm oil and of course lots of rice are the staples of Liberian cuisine.
new friends (Grace on left)

Using Skills – I had a great opportunity to share some of the automation and industrial controls know how by troubleshooting a tank filling system that was over filling the gravity tank since we arrived. What I thought would be a simple re-wiring of the contactor turned into a good chance to be diligent at the task at hand. After finding broken sensor wires and a circuit still able to be used I had to rip out the very, very thin speaker wire that was originally installed (absolutely the wrong wire for this application, but here you must do with what you have) and re-lay better grade wire. After about four hours I was able to test the system before power went out. And yes – thank you God – the system is running fine without overflow problems.
up for the troubleshooting challenge checking the level sensor

Sharing Great Joy – What an emotional experience we had when this lovely couple from the US got to see there adopted twins and baby girl for the first time. Praise the Lord!
A new family was made today and it was just as exciting and wonderful as the birth of a child.

Twin boys for mama and papa
Going to meet baby girl
What a moment
The new family and friends
God's blessings in real time

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