Saturday, January 12, 2008

Warm welcome to Liberia and some new pictures

We are settling in the guest house for a brief while and enjoying the neighboring orphans from Acres of Hope. The children are making friends and helping with the orphans and some of the storytime joys. It’s like instantly having even more brothers and sisters.
We are doing well, adjusting to the weather - about 85 and 60% humidity, a little cooler in the evening early morning – the humidity is supposed to crank up to about 95% within the next month.

I am hiding the ID of the orphans in the below pictures for privacy purposes but they have the most amazing smiles and joy in their hearts.

We had a wonderful rest in the Lord today, mentally, spiritually and physically. We were able to hit the beautiful beaches of Liberia for a while and – Wow!!!!!
What a wonderful and refreshing time to relish in the magnificent and powerful creation and design of God. It was good to share ourselves with the local Liberians and I had the chance to show a few young local boys how to get into the deeper waist high water to body surf (they are terrified of the potential for death by drowning because they lack some very basic wave wading skills – hope my childhood years in the South Bay beaches of L.A. pay off). The waves made for an incredible playscape for the children and we enjoyed lunching under the tiki style huts on the sand. After that we went to the lagoon on the other side of the shore where fresh water is setting on a bed of sand washed over from the high tides. It’s like a three foot deep freshwater pool with beach sand – neat.

Here are a few pictures of our new surroundings – the “mall” and other local stores. There is a wonderful grocery store but most everything else from buckets to flip-flops are found at the street vendors, or in their portable kiosks (wheel barrows). Traffic is quite challenging as the main route to the city is under construction but we make due with what we have to work with. We are very encouraged at the business and improvements that are slowly but surely coming – God willing.

We had a chance to share again the joy of our salvation tonight, this time with a neat little dvd called God’s Story. It is a program that is being used to reach the world with the story of God’s plan of salvation from His word. Our family has been enjoying this dvd for over a year now and if you get a chance pick it up.
This is the link for more gods-story(dot)org

We are patiently awaiting the soon arriving containers carrying the donations for Acres of Hope orphanage and the missionary housing items among many other family items.
Pray that the logistics go well with the containers, please. You cannot believe what you have to go through to get the items and containers into your possession. Pray for us in that regard.

May God Almighty enhance your walk with him through his enduring word.

Peace to you all.

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