Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A break in Europe with the Omi and Opi before Liberia

Well, thank you God Almighty for the chance to finally have a bit of a break before we get to Liberia.

What a logistical challenge in preparing for our trip to Germany to visit Claudia’s parents.

So many things needed to be packed for the visit - all the items needed for our visit while in Germany (cold weather clothing, etc, etc) and the needs for our arrival in Liberia (very warm weather clothing and essentials for at least a month – basic housing items plus local items like mosquito nets).

I have to thank God for my wonderful partner in life, my bride and love - Claudia. She has done so much in the logistics and prep for our move to Liberia. Thank you honey.

Below are some pictures of our journey to Germany and some of Opi and Omi's neck of the woods.

In Houston Intercontinental Airport
On the plane to Deutschland
Frankfurt Ariport
Omi und Opi greeting the kids

Claudia's hometown of Ansbach
Out to eat - Yum
Out in town for a walk
On the train to Nuremburg
The castle wall
City center
Siblings in the Hofgarten for a walk

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